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When: 11/09/2019 3:00 pm

8400 W 31st St, Brookfield, IL 60513

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Fresh Living Segment on KUTV Channel 2

Interview segment with Philip Brown in regards to canSURVIVE 2016 and Needs Beyond Medicine 

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canSURVIVE 2016 on Mountain Views (PCTV)

Talking with Terry Burden on the upcoming fundraiser
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canSURVIVE 2015 on KUTV

Chad Hurst, canSURVIVE photographer and Philip Brown were guests on KUTV noon show, original air date 11.11.15
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canSURVIVE 2014 on KUTV

Philip Brown & Kathy Commander were guest to help promote canSURVIVE 2014 original air date 10.29.2014
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canSURVIVE 2012 Featured on KUTV

Philip Brown was featured on November 2,2012 during the noon hour
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canSURVIVE 2012 Featured on KSL

Son of cancer victim helps others through unique aid
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canSURVIVE 2012 Event Video

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canSURVIVE 2010 Was Highlighted in Deseret News

Can-do attitude: canSURVIVE© exhibit reflects struggles, triumphs of cancer survivors
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canSURVIVE 2010 Event Video

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100% of the donations made to Needs Beyond Medicine will go directly toward supporting the Relief Program in helping families experiencing cancer to cover living expenses while receiving treatment.
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